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Dan (dwee*@*ail.com)

Before I started building and flying model aircraft, about 20 years ago, I was headed down a pretty bad path. I was involved in drugs, theft, vandalism, and was an all around angry/violent teen. I

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Abbey Solomon (kiyo*@*live.ca)

Flying has been a huge part of my life for the last 6 years. Our chapter Niagara FPV Squad has been welcomed into our community and attend most community events to build awareness by performing

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Mike Stanton (msta*@*ast.net)

Recently retired and before my retirement it was a hobby, since my retirement I obtained my part 107 license and have done some work as a pilot. The proposed restriction will make this technology cost

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Denny Varian (denn*@*hoo.com)

RC Aircraft is my main hobby and I am a member of AMA and attempt to follow all there rules for safe flight. I believe anyone that flies anything should have that much restriction. I

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Flying FPV let’s me live my childhood dream of flying, without the financial burden of a full-size aircraft (which I can not afford the classes for, let alone rental/ownership). I have all respect for the

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Matt (matt*@*ail.com)

I have been flying rc for the last twenty years in a safe and well respected manner up on quiet non residential moorland. The rc hobby has a impeccable safety record and has never been

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Cody (7mm.*@*ail.com)

I enjoy this hobby for several reasons, it helps me hone my skills in electronics through ground up builds, and allows me to share this knowledge with my daughter who is glued to my side

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Eliel Rodriguez (aeio*@*ail.com)

I’ve been flying for years. Flying is what got me involved in Engineering as a career. I’ve seen neighborhood kids in my own community become interested in STEM after getting involved in RC building and

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Seth (seth*@*ail.com)

When I first started to fly it was challenging. But after I learned how to fly it was as if time froze while I was flying. I only feel freedom when I am up in

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Chris (ghos*@*ail.com)

Model aviation and radio controlled aircraft of all types have brought joy to my life since a very young age. In many ways this hobby has not only helped me understand the physics and technology

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Robert Yamakaitis (yama*@*ail.com)

Why should I not be able to enjoy my hobby so that the government and private companies can make money? This isn’t about safety. It’s about money m faa needs to stop trying to say

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