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Bill Herron (wm_h*@*hoo.com)

I have enjoyed sharing my flying hobby with my children since the sixties, flying together creates a strong bond and building and repairing crashed aircraft creates a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment on their

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James Ouillette (jvou*@*ink.net)

This affects the the people that fly not only the quads the airplanes and all of the Hobby shops that sell this will put hundreds of people out of business and this government does not

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Slippery FPV (slip*@*ail.com)

Without flying I’m afraid I could lapse back in to old ways and become an unproductive member of society. The building and flying of FPV quadcopters has given me something positive and educational to focus

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Former Vice President of the University of Connecticut Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Society (UAVS). Flight sessions were a great opportunity to foster youth interest in STEM programs and career tracks offered by their public schools and

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I love racing. Automobile racing at the lowest levels costs over $100,000. I can race drones semi professionally for under $2000. Im in my 30’s, and this hobby has changed my life for the positive.

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Jamie Bignell (jami*@*ail.com)

My hobby has had a strong influence on my subject choices at school and my current career. It’s made me a better engineer and problem solver. I’ve met really kind and like minded people through

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Dinant de Kruijff (dina*@*ail.com)

Because of the interest in flying I became also interested in the working of all the technical pieces. Flight controllers, the further use of hardware and how all pieces work together my children became also

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Charles Warwick (satu*@*ail.com)

I fly a mixture of fixed wings and quadcopters and I feel like it is most practical for hobbyists to comply with RemoteID through an app based solution similar to LAANC. The production requirements would

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My Degree of specialization is as an electronics engineer. I personally build from individual components and program drones for fun but as a means to implement solutions to problems people have. The drone industry is

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I fly a micro sized quad copter in my yard, and spend the majority of the time under 8’. It is small, and very lite. It poses no threat to anyone or anything. It’s about

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