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America land of the free, right, what a lie, it’s the land where the people who has the money decsides what a free man can and cannot do

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Bobby P (bobb*@*ail.com)

Flying is not the best part of this hobby! Building an aircraft starting from scratch with only a few items and following plans and or directions putting all of your blood sweat and tears into

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John Clauson (john*@*son.net)

I made my first amateur electric flight at age 64, and have been designing, building and flying small electric aircraft ever since. I’m a regular AMA club member and frequent officer as well as the

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Steven Clarke (scla*@*ive.com)

My Grandfather flew rubber powered free flight with my father when he was a kid, my father flew line control and free flight with my brothers and I, it was a great bonding experience as

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Tiffany Jones (tiff*@*ail.com)

6 years ago I was just learning about the hobby, I have found a way to relax, to enjoy my time, to enjoy the company of like minded people. Flying is a source of pleasure,

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Steven (stev*@*ail.com)

Seeing how my 8 year old loves the design, engineering, electronics, assembly and flight is just heart warming. He’s going to be an engineer!

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Flying matters to me because it brings my family happiness. My husband and I have changed our lives around and it’s all because of flying. Without it I don’t know what we would do

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