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I build, tune, and fly my own drones. I enjoy racing and freestyle, which doesn’t take me beyond the line of sight. My altitude is typically well below 200′ and my range is typically well

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Calvin N. (calv*@*ail.com)

Flying model aircraft and multirotors has been very important to me and my family for a long time. I remember being a 10 year old kid when my Uncle bought me all of the parts

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I’m not sure I understand the true purpose of the rules. If the rules are meant to prepare us for a world of commercial UAS usage (such as Amazon package delivery) then they should be

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I just got into flying my fpv tiny whoop at my local park, I am really enjoying it and don’t want to have this hobby which I have only just scratched the surface in ruined

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Bradley Thompson (btho*@*inc.com)

I’m a film maker and VFX artist who’s been creating science-based educational content for museums for over twenty years with a small team. I collaborate with NASA, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and many

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Frank (audi*@*msn.com)

Hi, I’m Frank, a fpv race drone pilot. Life isn’t easy for me and medicine and several hobby’s I tried in 9 years did not make me want to enjoy life. This long path I

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Nate (nadd*@*hoo.com)

I started flying RC planes to join my son in a hobby he picked up at school. Nearly all of our planes are foam-build slow flyers, that we fly at our neighborhood park. With Remote

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Paul (paul*@*ail.com)

I have always wanted to get into the RC flying hobby, after subscribing to Youtube channels like Flight test I see the barrier to entering the hobby has come down. The ease of building and

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Jim Welch (jwwe*@*.rr.com)

Rc flying has always been a source of freedom, comaradery, it was a way to connect with my Father some 55 years ago. This connection I had with my Father made it possible to share

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