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Al Fichter (afic*@*

I am retired and enjoy the thought of learning something new. It also gets me out of the house and a chance to meet new people. I also enjoy building planes from scratch. I also

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Spencer Gould (spen*@*

RC aircraft lead to my career as an aerospace engineer and my passion for home built aircraft. Radio control aircraft in all its forms is the greatest recruitment tool for young people to get into

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Gregg Ruppel (rupp*@*

Flying RC and drones requires technical expertise as well as manual dexterity that can only be attained through practice. It is perhaps the most demanding and rewarding activity I have ever engaged in.

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Just a hobbies/tinkerer who loves safe flying and showing educating others – especially kids.. Not a daredevil, not interested in extreme range or height, keep almost 100% LOS even though I always fly FPV.

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Joshua Terrasas (jcte*@*

I got into the hobby because I wanted to develop autonomous flight controllers/robotics. My interest has grown a lot though, and now I enjoy just flying around with or without robotics involved. Its a great

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I have built and flown all my life. I would be devastated by these restrictions. I fly helis and planes close in LOS and NEVER use these camera platorm quads that have made so much

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Chris (chri*@*

My Son and I bond over creation of flying machines and flying them together. We do fly with a club, but there are other open spaces where there has never been intrusion on other peoples,

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GDS (geor*@*

Building and flying model aircraft was pivotal to my becoming an engineer. It offers opportunities for hands-on education, development of critical skill sets, and problem solving thinking – NONE of which are supplied by our

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My family has flown model aircraft since the 1940s, my father flying free-flight, then RC as the technology developed. I few as a child in the 1960s and then returned to the hobby in the

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