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I am from Germany and so the regulations in the USA are not directly affecting me, but the EU will take the role model of the USA and make somewhat similar regulations. Flying matters to

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Phillip Cogswell (mapl*@*

Model aircraft flying is a freedom that has been enjoyed for many years without any sort of incident warranting such a drastic imposition by the FAA. I am employed by a major distributor of hobbyist

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Marco Mazzufferi (marc*@*

I am an airline pilot, instructor and examiner. All started when I was a kid building and flying my aircraft models. I never gave up the hobby and would like future generations to have the

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Adam Small (bigg*@*

I’m a 20 year Airline Pilot and flying RC airplanes when I was a young teen in the late 80s is what drove me into this great profession I’m in now. RC airplanes taught me

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Rick Welles (rick*@*

Finding FPV helped me through my toughest time as I suffered from liver failure. Drones taught me everything from soldering, building and tuning etc. I’m 3 years healthy and don’t know what I’d do without

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From my side of view is not necessery for modelers/fpv guys whitch want to fly and have fun. Most dangerous is guys with DRONES (mavic,phantom and other) who think “I´m a pilot” he not.

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I’ve always wanted to be a pilot since I was a little boy. Because of some complications with my health I am unable to be an actual pilot but FPV quad flying has brought a

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