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John baxter (johb*@*msn.com)

Designing, building testing and flying is a huge part of my two sons and my education. Putting my electronics and telecommunications background into building of the models together they have gained so much knowledge of

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Fred (fred*@*hoo.com)

Model aviation (model airplanes, not drones) have been a life long endeavor. In my youth it was the motivation for more education and provided an outlet for my energy and inventiveness. As an adult it

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Flying to me is a time to spend time with my kids away from tv and internet to enjoy the outdoors and teach them about flight. It’s a passion of mine and to pass that

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Tom Huff (f18h*@*ail.com)

AMA member since early 1970’s. Model aircraft should be defined and exempt based on LOS. I have concerns that RID would not be viable for detect and avoid for manned aircraft

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George Western (gawe*@*ail.com)

I enjoy being out-of-doors, being able to control my plane remotely, laughing with my friends at the flying site. Seeing the new models that my friends bring, watching them fly a circuit successfully, or crying

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Its a stress relieve and its fun. Me and my son have fun flying together. I’ve met really cool people flying

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Toby Adamson (toby*@*.com.au)

Simply put we believe that this will choke the hobby to those that enjoy this as a hobby. This hobby is not a commercial enterprise and should not be treated as such

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My 8 year old autistic son will never be into any sports but drone racing. He helped build his first rc plane at 5 years old and was able to teach me some things. He

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