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Xjet New Zealend, has delt with your concerns for years. A must see for the newcomers in addressing FAA drone regs. As Xjet ponts out FAA has no risk assessment that i know of to

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Rich Ruh (rcra*@*ail.com)

I’m 68 years old and have flown rc planes since I was 15. I have been a Flight Mechanic for McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. I have never flown my rc aircraft in an unsafe manner.

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Raymond Yost (raya*@*hoo.com)

I’ve always been interested in anything that flies. When my wife and I were fairly poor. she saved money and gave it to a co-worker of mine to buy a trainer, .046 nitro motor, and

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Richard M (thes*@*ine.net)

As a father of a special needs child, my son enjoys watching our model planes fly, which is a special bond. I feel like I am flying when I see the look on his face

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Mark Feauto (mfea*@*oud.com)

##### I’m very new to the hobby. I’ve been watching the Flitetest YouTube videos for quite some time now and marveling at the joy it brings these guys and when my job became so stressful

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Raymond Flach (noah*@*att.net)

I grew up around aviation, as my father was in the Air Force. We travelled the world and I grew up admiring military aircraft and building models. The hobby gives me an outlet to enjoy

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Logan Bing (21lb*@*ub1.org)

Flying matters to me because it’s the only connection I have with my grandfather and he is the reason I love flight so much. He is the reason me and my father are closer together

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Bob Brennan (bob@*@*inc.com)

Recreational and hobby level flying is getting kids involved in the flight industry. They’ve seen their uncle who was a navy test pilot transition from an active pilot to the drone industry (insitsu a division

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Christian Fugal (plas*@*ail.com)

Flight has always been a dream of mine, I spent 2 years acquiring parts for my first plane when I was 12 and have been flying ever since. It has helped me control anxiety and

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Michael Gonzales (mich*@*unt.edu)

I’m a senior undergrad student at the University of North Texas. I fear that added restrictions will bring unnecessary burdens, of all sorts, to the effectiveness of university students seeking to be innovative with flight

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Martin (kawk*@*aol.com)

I love to fly fixed wing models. I have been flying since 1978. Had a great teacher that not only taught me to fly but stressed safety and respect for other flyers. Now the FAA

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