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Andy Thompson (andy*@*ail.com)

For me, flying model airplanes is my favorite hobby as it is a great way for me to relax and have fun. If the government wants to make the hobby strict when it can be

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Sky Pirate (Jeff*@*ail.com)

The only entities endangered by my recreational aviation activities are the various insects in my flight areas. (No insects were harmed during the creation of this message) The FAA can kiss my fuzzy pink butt

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Flying, whether as a pilot of a traditional aircraft or controlling an unmanned aircraft is an exciting and educational activity. It’s important to ensure safety for all craft in the air, but also important to

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Aviation including model aviation has been a large impetus to my educational path and my career path. If the proposed rules had been in place when I was growing up, it’s not clear that model

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John McGraw (john*@*ail.com)

Have always been a fan of model aviation especially R/C, the hobby over all has virtually faded in my area but with the release of multi-rotor some of us have renewed interest. Big Brother is

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Flying is a great way to be outdoors and unplug from the day to day. I hope to be able to teach my kids how to fly when they are older. You can learn a

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Just when I thought getting into the hobby would be fun and affordable, the govt found a way to make it not possible!

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David Kennedy (n844*@*ail.com)

Been flying models for some twenty-five years always with a ama club next to a full size airport with Mercy Flight and we have had no problems . I pay club dues and AMA dues

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Ben Gilmour (ben_*@*oud.com)

Flying helps everyone weather just citizens, mental health patients or children to release stress and knots from everyday life. With the new restrictions most of these people won’t be able to fly models anymore

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David Phillips (x02a*@*ail.com)

Model aviation has been a passion of mine from a young age, but only recently as of 4 years have I actually been able to participate in the hobby for financial reasons, it has been

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