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Peter Mikkelsen (fisc*@*ail.com)

Flying UAV’s are learning me new stuff about electronics and avionics, that I have not been presented in my education or in my other hobbies before. I find the stuff I learn very useful for

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For me, the RC hobby has been a way to relax and to bond with other like minded individuals. At our field, we have not broken any rules and are always very conscious of safety.

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Ethan Spaziani (etha*@*ail.com)

Ever since I was very little I have always liked aircraft and I’ve always studied world War 2 and world War 1 as well as the Cold War aircraft have always been a major part

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Flying, gives me a breathing space, from being a family dad, home renovation and work. I can’t see my self being able to have a relaxing time from a stressful day, if I have to

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Robin Bayer (rmba*@*ail.com)

### My 81 year old Dad and I have a connection and a relationship deepened by time in the workshop, and time out of doors experiencing the flight of our craft built by our own

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Walker Young (walk*@*ail.com)

I was a attempting to get my pilots license before life got in the and have missed taking to the air like I did in years past. Partially because of medical issues but mostly because

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Dave Raynor (ehv8*@*ail.com)

FliteTest was the videos I started to watch to get into the RC hobby. I have been in aviation all my life. The RC hobby is what made it possible to have my 2 sons

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Jonny5 (jonn*@*ail.com)

Flying runs very deep in my family. My grandfather brought me into aviation from very young. My first plane ride (still in diapers) I apparently would not leave the window in awe. My grandfather was

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I have been involved with RC fro over 40 years. Prior to that I had balsa and spruce, gliders, rubber band propeller models that were sold at many stores, etc. I watch Neil Armstrong step

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Gary (the1*@*ail.com)

I fly drones for the experience of flight. I’m not a rich person, taking flight lessons is way too costly. Cruising through the air in FPV, is the closest I can get to it at

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Phuc Luong (Phuc*@*ook.com)

I’m working in a stressful day job and this hobby keeps me out of a burn out and allows me to free my mind. It’s also a good way to make friends inside the community.

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