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ScrimdogFPV (dean*@*ail.com)

Flying my fpv multirotors has changed my life for the better the freedom it has allowed me to achieve has had a knock on affect for my whole family (wife/kids) you just have to watch

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Some people play golf, some race cars etc. My hobby-pastime-sanity outlet is building and flying model airplanes

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Ronnie Espolt (airs*@*aol.com)

I started as a child in model aviation. From skills learn I own a aerospace machine shop. Manufacturing many parts for aircraft and space programs. Employed and trained others for skilled job placement. In retirement

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Michael Batson (Meba*@*ail.com)

Flying is in my blood. I move it very much. I’ve been in and around aircraft my whole life but financially and I am unable to obtain my full scale license until recently so RC

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Ira Hughes (ira@*@*yaz.com)

I fly for both fun and for commercial purposes. I believe that the multirotor platform offers us many advancements in aeronautics we have yet to discover and a new way to interact with the space

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Richard Joy (rich*@*oud.com)

Its my main hobby/passion in my retirement and I really look forward to introducing the wonderful world of model aviation to my 2 year old grandson when he is older.

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Arthur (stea*@*ail.com)

Flying makes empty my head and makes me relax. It also is an excellent method not to start drinking again ?‰ Flying with friends makes it a wonderful life

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I have been flying UAV’s since I was 9 years old flying a scratch built 3 channel, over the corn fields on my grandfathers land. This proposal would make it illigal to pass down this

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