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Loyd H (loyd*@*

I love this hobby with all my heart and soul. It saved my life and it changed my life. It teaches us so many things. It teaches many things including: patience, discipline, goal setting, math,

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I just love the freedom of flying, acrobatics , maneuvers. The social aspect with friends of like ideas and exploring places not able to be seen by person.

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Flying is an escape from reality for me. When I put on the goggles and get into the air I can forget about the troubles of life and express myself through freestyle skate style tricks

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I’ve never found a hobby that I enjoy more than FPV. I just want the freedom to build my craft as I want and fly at my local parks and fields in a safe manor.

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As a kid I had dreams of becoming an aeronautical engineer. I dabbled in model rocketry, and was obsessed with the idea of having an RC airplane, but such ‘toys’ were beyond what my family

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The main concern here is the point of all this regulation. It appears to the regular person there are interests in attempting to completely lock down all/most airspace to facilitate the use of commercial drones.

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Max (maxw*@*

Flying matters to me cause it’s a healthy form of escapism from all the stresses in my life. I’ve been in the hobby for over two years now and it’s been a great joy to

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Cliff Ladwig (Alwa*@*

I just got into flying about 2 years ago and it has been the most rewarding hobby because I love the science behind the physics and engineering of these machines, it is a challenge and

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Matt (matm*@*

If these laws are put in place I will not be able to fly anymore. Evertime my friends and I go out flying we quickly get an audience from all over the neighborhood and all

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Andrew Hall (andy*@*

I fly all the time in what would be considered shielded operations in class d and class e airspace without authorization from the local airport because no manned aircraft are flying under the canopy of

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It’s a great hobby and a great way to connect with and educate people of all ages. Restrictions would severely impact the accessibility of the hobby

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