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Flying allows me to bond with my sons and local friends over a fun hobby. Also allows me to explore innovative solutions in software automation. Restrictions would block innovation affecting my livelihood

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Dusty Edmunds (gotd*@*ail.com)

Hi I fly FPV drones a total of 8 and fly fixed wing airplanes electric. Some scratch built and store bought. All to gather 15 rc models. I work full time and most weekends. With

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G Hargus (bare*@*ook.com)

Flying gives me a hobbies that is reasonably affordable and allows me to do it even though I have bad knees and a bad back. Allows me to combine several hobbies into 1. Been building

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Paul (yoge*@*zon.net)

I have been in the hobby for 40 years help a lot get is to it. It is a great way to meet people. It got me intrested in planes that then got me into

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TobyDogs (stub*@*ail.com)

I am 64 y/o and have been in this hobby for 15+years. Started with building balsa kits like Sig Hog[ bipex2 builds],Sig Mini sport[ Bipe] ,Topflight Corsair,Telemaster,Herr Cub, Mini extra[modified], Greatplanes RV4-40, Greatplanes Extra 300s,

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Shawn Spears (uhau*@*hoo.com)

It allows me to spend more time teaching my children and grandchildren how to be productive citizens. The school system lacks the resources to fully educate our kids in STEM areas. Not all will take

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Gerald Marx (gwma*@*tel.net)

Radio Controlled airplane have been my hobby since age 15. We fly our airplanes in rural, isolated locations and bother no one. Solutions proposed for urban, busy airspaces are not appropriate for our cow pasture

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Daniel W (dani*@*ail.com)

Remote ID would be fine on truly autonomous or long range aircraft, but is entirely unnecessary for anything else. Large UAS flying in occupied airspace, (ScanEagle, Predator, etc.) already have transponders, making remote ID ineffective

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The hobby was introduced to me by a neighbor, something I always wanted to participate in but didnt know anything about it or thought I could afford. He introduced me to a group from our

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Matt F (merl*@*ail.com)

I’m concerned that the current initiative is another way to control the airspace and reserve it for commercial use. These restrictions should not be placed on hobbiests as it is an unfair burden placed on

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Donnie Eudy (xx40*@*aol.com)

I have been flying for 40 years and would like to keep doing so with out all the extra cost I am on a fixed income and can not afford the extra cost would have

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L Stayton (lees*@*ail.com)

### I enjoy the challenge of taking a design from drafting board to takeoff. I value the freedom to experiment with different flight forms and modes. I enjoy sharing my sport with others, particularly youth,

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