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I have been flying for many years. My aircraft range from some off the shelf to DIY. It’s hard enough to find good open safe areas to fly without worrying about restrictions or having to

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Being disabled it is no longer easy for me to jump in the truck and run to the club field. I am much more limited to places I can fly and by not working I

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I’m 73 years old and enjoy flying electric fixrd wing line of site aircraft at our local club field. The proposed regulations are not needed.

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KC Beckstead (carb*@*ail.com)

We are in a free country, but seems like its not becoming so free with all types of thing. i got into drones for hunting at first. that was the first thing shut down. now

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As a licensed pilot, as long as I am current, I should be allowed to fly. Just another example of the United States becoming more and more a Police State.

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Mike Shurow (mpsh*@*zon.net)

I am now 61 years old and have been model plane flying since I was in my 20 “s with NO incidents ever.Two years ago I got my first drone , (DJI ) which lead

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Sam Sanford (samt*@*ail.com)

I started out in FPV drones as a hobby while working for a 3D printing company in 2017. I used a simulator for a month and began to fly for fun for 2 years and

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Douglas Teramoto (info*@*ost.com)

I am a small business owner that sells RC planes and small drones, we are located in a rural community with only one CBO near us, The club frowns on smaller planes especially foam planes,

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Joe Olivera (joli*@*ail.com)

The regulations that are in question will have no effect on the individuals that chose to break any laws. These will put an extreme hardship on the hobbyists who chooses to fly with safety being

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