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Kirk (kirk*@*ail.com)

I always wanted to be a pilot. But I’m physically unable to be one. RC flying gives me the freedom to be in the air, to pursue my dreams and to build.

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Wade Wiley (wade*@*aol.com)

My father started me with control-line flying when I was around 10 years old. Building model aircraft started even earlier. I progressed through building and flying control-line in high school, then built my own radio

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Eli P (mari*@*ail.com)

I have pretty recently got into this hobby and I love it. I would hate to see it fall apart because of improper use by others and big organizations. I have taught myself flight physics

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an andywillard (virr*@*ail.com)

i think of the shelf dji tupe drones are thebones that are the problem since unexperienxed people just pick them up and fly without any thoight or knowlafe about safety and ethics

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Raghav Veerabathran (ragh*@*ail.com)

Flying helps me destress through experiencing flight, making friends and memories. I love the applied science aspect of the hobby and intend to pass it on to my girl once she grows up. I see

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Ashley Schabilion (asch*@*ail.com)

My son is 11 and primarily only flies on our/our family properties. He and his brothers have learned many things from both flying and building their RC devices. It encourages outdoor play, appreciation for the

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Tyler Starr (star*@*ail.com)

These regulations seem to be in search of a problem. There hasn’t been significant safety concerns with the types of self-built model crafts we fly. Beyond this, I think we need to argue the moral

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I’m just getting into fpv rc cars with some friends and through my research into fpv I have gained a great interest in the hobby. I would like to be able to fly in my

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Matthew Jack (hole*@*ail.com)

Flying is my release from the stress of the week. I do it to enjoy the outdoors and disconnect from screens. I find it fascinating to fly historical aircraft and revel in the accomplishments of

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