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Tim Reed (stuk*@*hoo.com)

I own a private aircraft that I use for travel and I’ve been an active member of the RC Aircraft hobby for many years at dedicated flying clubs. I participated until recently in competition flying

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Dan Sheehan (dani*@*ail.com)

I recently took up the hobby to teach my children design and building techniques. I believe that these fields are the key to a career in the near future. Model aircraft/ remote control vehicles provides

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Chris Keir (ckei*@*ail.com)

##### Flying is educational. Design, build, fly, and learn science and technology along the way. The FAA is misguided in their efforts. FAA, here’s an idea: Require a permit to fly in controlled airspace. Details

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Keith Cox (dkco*@*uth.net)

flying gives me a chance to enjoy going to the field and unwind by flying and watching others fly… to have a little “race” between planes and enjoy the fellowship between the other pilots

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I treat this as a fun recreational hobby where I DO NOT: 1)Fly over private property, roads, power lines, cars, people 2)Fly above 400′ or conduct long range flights over 300 yards away from myself

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Eric Rogers (shre*@*ail.com)

This whole thing is a joke! These rules are being put in place for the one or two people flying their gps drone illeagally! More education is the solution not more rules and guidelines! FAA

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spencer (bubb*@*ail.com)

I love flying 5 inch racing drones because it calms me and makes me feel free. I especially love to fly in the desert near my house where there is no internet connection. I love

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I must admit that I’m not educated on the details of what the FAA is proposing. But, I do know that more federal regulations is not the answer. I’m a long time RC enthusiast that’s

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