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Josh Lewis (hi@j*@*josh.ml)

I started with FPV three years ago and it’s had a profound impact in my life. I’ve been given new opportunities I never thought possible and have made many new friends for life (two of

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Restricting hobbies as simple as flying RC adds another level of government overwatch that will ruin this industry. It also ruins generations of RC hobbies that may never get passed down to younger generations. Flying

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Jeremy Purvis (swer*@*ail.com)

Fpv not only provides me with a stress relivieving hobby but also my occupation!, I began flying about a year and a half ago and taught myself to build and repair my own equipment including

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I’ve been flying fpv for over 3 years, and have over 15 hand build quadcopters. This nprm would severely limit where I could fly. I just want to be able to fly my hand built

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Thomas Cinnamon (t.ci*@*ail.com)

I race drones in competition and recreation. I do not pester people at tourist locations, nor harass my neighbors, nor fly into airport patterns, nor fly in heavily populated urban areas, nor come anywhere close

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This hobby always lifts my mood and as a long term suffer of depression it is very important to me and without the sense of freedom it gives me o feel I would return to

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Harold Miller (spee*@*zon.net)

It’s relaxing great way to spend time with family and friends I’m in a wheelchair gets me out of the house building and flying are a great way for me overcome my disability it can

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I am from Germany and so the regulations in the USA are not directly affecting me, but the EU will take the role model of the USA and make somewhat similar regulations. Flying matters to

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Phillip Cogswell (mapl*@*ail.com)

Model aircraft flying is a freedom that has been enjoyed for many years without any sort of incident warranting such a drastic imposition by the FAA. I am employed by a major distributor of hobbyist

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