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David 2011 (Davi*@*rks.com)

My flight experience started with a Cox control line model at the age of 9. I have been flying RC since 1977. As with the majority of RC fliers, I have never been involved in

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Louis Robinson (brxs*@*ail.com)

I run ReduxAir.com, an fpv racing drone manufacturer in Ohio. We have no way of knowing how to become an FAA-certified manufacturer. Such a regulation would stifle our competitive advantage with Chinese and European manufacturers

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Gabe J (gabe*@*ail.com)

I fly every day and would not be able to if the rules go through as written now . I guess I would brake the law or find a different hobby.

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John Hill (jean*@*aoo.com)

I am mostly saddened for the military veterans. If you were to visit an RC airfield you would notice that the majority of the pilots and builders are die hard military veterans. Many of whom

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I fly fixed wing RC planes at a sanctioned flying site with safety regulations in place. I’m NOT a drone flyer and I don’t like being lumped into the same group as drone flyers. YES,

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Alex Veskland (sash*@*ail.com)

There’s nothing more relaxing and peaceful, yet challenging like flying RC aircraft. It requires great skill, patience, knowledge, and investment. To be hindered by another requirement only brought by by the reckless few is uncompromising

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William Braun (wjbr*@*hoo.com)

Model aviation is an excellent way to teach my kids about science and engineering, get them outside away from video games, and spend quality time as a family. Losing this would be a severe blow

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Chris Perkins (bass*@*ail.com)

RC flight was something I attempted as a teenager but ended up being too scared to fly for fear of crashing. I got back into RC flight about 3 years ago (I’m 39) and am

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It’s what brought me back to building things by myself and gave me a routine to follow when i was wasting away my time. I also learned a lot more about embedded systems because of

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Justin Vonbesser (just*@*ail.com)

Fpv saved my life, and possibly other’s lives… I was an addict and flying racing drones gave me the outlet to experience healthy happiness again. (8 years strong)The community is better then most support groups.

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Jared P (wher*@*ail.com)

I’ve flown FPV in an RC kite for 8+ years now. Not one sole has ever approached me nor have I EVER flown above someone other than myself. I’ve only damaged my property. I have

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