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Dan Meyer (free*@*hoo.com)

All of these FAA proposals would destroy the hobby and hurt law abiding people. None of these proposals would stop anyone from doing something bad or illegal. If a person was not law abiding he

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John Nenadic (jpne*@*ail.com)

I started flying radio control when I was 10 years old in rural NY. I didn’t have anyone to mentor me so I had to learn on my own. This was before pre-fabricated airplanes and

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Jakub (kjub*@*znam.cz)

I just started flying this year, I didn’t know about any new regulations. I’m more than sad, that’ll mean I wont be able to fly anymore, I cant really afford everything like that. It will

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I fly in a small area, my plane is never more than 400′ away, vertical and horizontal both. If my plane goes too far the motor cuts out and the plane will come down. I

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Col. Robert

Col. Robert Shanks (BobS*@*aol.com)

As a retired military officer and educator I firmly believe the FAA restrictions will for all practical purposes completely restrict and bring an ultimate halt to the hobby of RC flying. Many RC modeling manufacturers

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Charles (digi*@*ink.net)

I would not be retired financially if it were not for aviation. The burden of more regulations WILL PREVENT new and younger people from entering aviation and spending dollars.

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John Great (john*@*ail.com)

I grew up flying every weekend with my grandfather and building with him after school in preparation for flight days. He has since past and I now enjoy the same with my five that old

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Justin Wendorf (jrwp*@*ail.com)

I fly to feel like I’m in the air. It’s an escape and fun activity. It offers me challenges, like learning electrical, computer code, antenna design, and aerodynamics. My concerns are basically the demise of

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Alan (Alan*@*bra.net)

I have been building and flying for over 45 years. Belonged in many clubs in many states and have never heard of any problems until drones appeared. Why destroy a hobby with regulations that are

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The Dro (dro@*@*dro.com)

I’ve had a lot of hard times in the past few years and getting into the hobby gives me and many others something to focus on. It’s a shame that these restrictions are going to

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