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Kevin Wood (kjw6*@*@me.com)

Leave me alone. I fly responsibly and pose no threat to anyone. I just want to get things in the air and fly them. I love to tinker with characteristics of what made the thing

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Russell Keen (dick*@*ail.com)

I have been flying for a hobby for the past 7 years. I have learnt to build and fly my drones to a high safe standard. I have never caused any person, aircraft or property

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Navid Farkhondehpay (navi*@*ail.com)

Flying model aircrafts is one of the most amazing experiences young people can have. I love building planes, and seeing my hard work pay off when it (sometimes) flies is a feeling like no other.

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Eric Main (emai*@*ast.net)

I used to enjoy flying. Past tense. Now, flying has become infused with rules and regulations with government big brother esque guidelines and sanctions. Leave us alone. We mean you no harm.

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Tony Baron (tbar*@*att.net)

I have always wanted to do radio controlled fixed wing aircraft since I was a child. But never had the money or the time to do it. My plan was to wait until I retired

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Caleb (fire*@*ail.com)

I have been flying fixed wing, rotary wing and small drones for 20yrs. It has been a great outlet for creativity and a great way to unwind. I now have the joy of sharing it

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August (av8r*@*ail.com)

Park flying is a harmless way to have fun and enjoy some free time. Electric scratch build airplanes have minimal impact on anyone because they are quiet and small. Regulating them to this extent will

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Please don’t place these heavy restrictions on our sport it will destroy it. My childhood dream of RC flying would be devastated and destroyed

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Michael (mich*@*ter.net)

I am AMA & FAA registered. Member of club flying at AMA field. Fixed wing only. it’s a great challenge. Club membership promotes safety and fun. FAA rule must differentiate multi-rotor drones from fixed wing

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