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Sam (sams*@*yun.com)

This hobby let us to learn new things in a positive way, share views and experience and become a community will positive initiative. Feeling happy and enjoyable.

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This would be an extreme financial burden on most of the old guys I fly with and collectively all of us who fly. Most of us have at least 10 if not over 100 planes.

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Jim (jpsa*@*ail.com)

My son in High School though building a tricopter with plans and instruction from Flight Test brought him onto a path of learning and interests in electrical engineering that has led to him to where

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Stephen Perry (phrf*@*ail.com)

The hobby of RC unmanned flying requires a great deal of practice, instruction, safety and careful maintenance of our equipment. People who take this endeavor litely tend to not stay active in this sport. Those

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Ed (sher*@*ape.net)

I have been flying model airplanes for 50 years. I have about 20 kits, a mixture of RC, Control Line, and Free-flight airplanes. I have always loved model airplane flight – the idea that something

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Josh W (josh*@*ail.com)

I’ve just recently been able to afford getting into the hobby. I am also going into Aviation as a profession. I don’t believe the FAA is in the right on this new policy. I believe

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Alex H (hedq*@*ail.com)

Being able to go to a local park and fly in an open people free space is priceless. All of my builds are from scratch and intended to be flown at a large open space

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please don’t take away our freedom to fly and learn about fpv flying is a hobby just like fishing and many others

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Enthusiastic Learner (sank*@*.rr.com)

1) WHY must the hobby be protected? Cost-efficiency, Creativity and Community The hobby of (remote-controlled) RC flight is a grassroots treasure, especially in the USA, for young children who aspire to be the innovators and

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Joe Carpino (jjc1*@*oud.com)

My life basically revolves around aviation. I am 16 years old and am trying to get more people my age in the hobby, but if there are fees or restrictions people won’t want to get

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Michael Pappano (mpap*@*hoo.com)

Flying is something I have enjoyed since I was very young. I am in my 60s and have been enjoying model aviation since I was 12 years old starting with control line models. These rules

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