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I have learned many new skills ranging from building and electronics knowledge to design and application. Far extending the model aircraft field. The joy of building your own functional air craft and the tranquility that

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John Bolduc (salt*@*

I have been flying model aircraft for over 30 years. I am also a certified Part 107 pilot for work. I also fly full scale aircraft. Punishing the model aviation community because of the GPS

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John Crisp (flyi*@*

Regarding Remote ID – Please do not burden a system that has been in place and working within the airspace of the USA safely since the inception of Radio Control aircraft. I have been an

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FAA does not really affect my flying in Canada, however, I’m with the group internationally and do fly occasionally while travelling to record video and photos of some amazing scenery I would otherwise have very

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Mitch Clark (m.r.*@*

RC flying is something I do to relax and get away from the everyday stresses of the world. I fly in my backyard in the evenings and weekends and live in the country, so traveling

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I enjoy flying since it challenges me to innovate and design new planes. The hobby is easy to get into but new regulations would be very excluding and discourage newcomers.

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Robert Young (bobc*@*

FAA Staff, I’ve been building and flying model RC aircraft for over 60 years. This hobby enabled me to learn vital skills in engineering and aviation. I have passed this enthusiasm onto my children and

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Jay Sailors (lost*@*

I build and fly simple rc electric planes.I also buy RTF, ARF, etc. planes from several vendors. Always maintain visual contact with every plane I fly, always well below 400 feet. My son used to

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