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It’s a great hobby, teaches the idea of flight, trains how to build and fix, great friendships are developed and these rules and regulations will shit this hobby down for the people that follow rules

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Primitive FPV (eanc*@*ail.com)

I have never had a hobby that I have gotten so involved in before FPV. I have learned many skills needed to build and fly and got to meet alot of great people in this

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Only drones (multi-rotor aircraft) should be subject to additional regulations, as they are mostly responsible for the reported incidents and they are typically flown by pilots not interested in being part of a CBO. Fixed-wing

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Andreas Sundt (sund*@*ail.com)

I work with aircraft. remote control is my hobby. Love it, understand we need some regulation, Drones and FPV. My work have a lot of regulation. So i want to relax in the hobby, i

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Tony Jensen (tjra*@*ail.com)

I started in model aviation at the age of 10 (in 1964). The hobby fostered a love of aviation and developed a multitude of skills from designing from scratch to fine mechanical abilities. This eventually

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Shane Dugger (dugg*@*ail.com)

Safety is my number one concern. I mostly fly at a public park, when i fly I stay safe, my pilot location is at the entrance to the park. If I hear anyone approach the

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