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It’s recreation that I do with my son, why does something fun like this have to be regulated. It’s like them says you can’t have any relationship with your family outside of your house

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Bill Doyle (bill*@*

I suffer from depression. RCModel building and flying helps me overcome it. I grew up with the space program and spent many evenings lying under the stars watching sputnick and echo pass over, they where

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Having lost everything in my adult life to a divorce, a financial setback and the inability to find work, i’d hit rock bottom. Someone close to me gave me a drone to cheer me up.

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John Jones (john*@*

R/C aircraft of all kinds are a huge part of my life, and the lives of my family and friends. We currently enjoy the ability to safely fly at our home, parks, and once a

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Tom Polo (P010*@*IVE.COM)

Flying model aircraft is a hobby and a source of stress relief/ pleasure for many people. The few incidents that have been reported could be dealt with on an individual level(fines, etc). I fly commercially

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Flying and building model aircraft has taught me more than I could even begin to describe here, from electrical engineering to manufacturing with 3-D printing to RF applications. It provides experiences in education, enhances interest

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Jacob West (buck*@*

Hello, my name is Jacob West(13west.fpv). I am a firefighter, a dog dad and even the occasional rock star. I have been flying quadcopters(drones) for 3 years now. In these 3 years, I have found

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