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B Nielsen (rbnc*@*

I am disabled and cannot travel freely to designated flying sites. Being able to fly around my yard is important to me. Safety and liability already influence my choices in flying. Requiring ID capabilities or

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I started flying RC aircraft as a freshman in high school over 50 years ago. The technical and mathematic challenges of designing and building RC aircraft, and experimenting with them for performance improvements, directly impacted

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Murat Ergun (netp*@*

I have been flying RC Helicopters since 2003 and have never involved in any incident that may endanger either manned aircraft traffic, damage to a property or a person. I also program and invent electronics

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John Tartaro (jtar*@*

I have been scratch building, kit building and flying for 40 years. Most of my flying has been with an organized club that developed their own safety rules including joining the AMA. We have never

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david waller (diva*@*

iv worked hard all my life and now I’m retired i put my all into my pastimes/hobbies RC flight worked hard play harder these new regulations seem to be a way of killing the hobby

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R Adams (burg*@*

I fly my drone to make videos of interesting places and to add highlights to my YouTube videos. I don’t fly that much maybe two or three times in 2019

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I am in the UK so this new law would not directly affect me however I have been in this hobby for a few years now and have invested a lot of time and money.

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