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Roy Creiglow (thef*@*

I have been flying Model aircraft for more than 70 yrs, and have never had an accident that caused damage to another persons property. In addition, I am a general aviation pilot, and have flown

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Mark Lamon (rmar*@*

I was interested in RC when I was 8 1973, I built my very first rc plane by myself with no assistance from the internet or local lobbyist’s. It kindled a love of aviation and

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Matthew Cape (cade*@*

I am a Commercial rated (Part 61) pilot and flight instructor. I am pursuing a career in aviation. Like many great people in my industry (including the likes of Neil Armstrong) the love of aviation

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Dave O (dave*@*

I enjoy flying – it is a great hobby that has taught me a lot. Now I share that with students at the university where I work. The proposed new regulations would not let the

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Don C (bigc*@*

My Father was a combat pilot during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. I didn’t take that path, but aviation has always been in my blood. There is nothing better for a man than building something, the

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Mike D (mike*@*

My job is to design and build commercial heavy lift multirotors. Remote ID gets us closer to BVLOS and other things that make the commercial side of things much more effective. As a hobbyist, I

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Joe (jgdy*@*

Remote ID and registration requirements are not appropriate for FPV style drones. These are drones that are built and rebuilt constantly. Most responsible pilots look for remote uninhabited areas to try out new tricks and

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Ron Ron (bowt*@*

Flying for me is a stress reliever. I can hang out at the flying field with a few buddies and just have a good time. I’ve been flying safely for the past 10 years and

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chuck graves (warb*@*

I’ve been flying RC MODEL AIRCRAFT for decades. I have NEVER had and incident, always fly at designated flying sites, approved by the AMA. Let the AMA govern us, DO NOT lump fixed wing MODEL

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Ken (ken@*@*

I have been flying model airplanes since 1957. At one time I lived in a city with a model airplane club which flew on an active general aviation airport without no ill effects. I have

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