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It’s a part of my live and Freedom and i don’t let get it restricted from anyone, only because he thinks we make a law for all that and out they are. That’s not working

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Marc Aq (marc*@*ail.com)

I agree with the license (ID) type of thing but that’s about it. All of this other restrictions are so that big companies can take away our hobby and time with lives ones so that

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Blaine Hall (blai*@*.rr.com)

Been flying rc acft for 20 years as a clean, wholesome hobby. If additional regulations are required I probably would have to stop flying which would also effect new folks interests in the hobby ad

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Pete (pete*@*iqi.com)

I come from a family of pilots (3 generations), I could not become a pilot because of color deficiency, instead I’m flying model aircraft, it’s my passion. I travel around the world with my offroad

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It matters becuase people in our Hobby (fpv) take safety seriously and are sensible, we fly different from the DJI Autonomous Drones and should bot be classed in the same way

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I am a divorced father with primary custody of my five year old. RC is a major part of our lives. We both race full size SXS and eighth scale rc. My son’s favorite thing

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Doug Griggs (dbdb*@*ail.com)

I fly very light rubber powered freeflight. Any remote ID device will almost certainly weigh more than my airframes. I also teach a middle school program to build and fly simple freeflight both indoor and

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Matthew Inman (matt*@*ail.com)

I’ve been building and flying my own FPV quadcopters (quads) for a couple of years now as an excuse to engage my brain with electronics and meet new people. My dad taught me how to

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Dominic Flauto (domi*@*kci.com)

I am disabled and cannot work. I build and fly my custom quadcopter to keep up to date with technology. I am concerned that innovation will be hindered by any additional regulations. There is current,

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It has been a way to bond with friends and learning from each other when building a quad, and then having fun flying it in a safe environment where we always use each other as

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