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Vinnie Caiozzo (vinn*@*ail.com)

Flying matters to me as not only a great hobby that incorporates science and technology but also hand-eye coordination. It allows me to engage in the wonderment that is flight and to see our world

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Internet connectivity is not a given, neither is cellular service. Even in an area where this connectivity is the norm, there will be times when an event interrupts service which will effectively ground the ability

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Danny Thomas (bar-*@*bal.com)

I use my drone on my ranch exclusively. I use it to fly over my own land looking for livestock, damaged fences and crop conditions. With the drone, I am able to fly over areas

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Thor Larsen (lars*@*ail.com)

Coming from a multigenerational family of fliers, I chose not to fly full-scale planes, but did indulge my need to fly with my chosen career though the use of models. From building, design, combat, competitive

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Billy Wilson (will*@*hoo.com)

I’ve flown without incident for approx. 17 years. I’ve spent countless thousands of dollars at my local hobby shop and made numerous friends in the process. If this proposal goes through, I see it ending

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Reuben Willard (r-wi*@*ail.com)

I am a commercially rated pilot with a full time job in the air transportation industry. I love everything aviation, and have a passion for sharing my love of flying with others. While I’d love

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Chris Latham (chri*@*ail.com)

My son introduced me to the hobby about four years ago. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed building and flying winged model aircraft. I have always had a fascination with flight and am thrilled that

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Deano (dean*@*hoo.com)

Being retired I like to fly to relax. As a kid I could not afford RC toys. I do not feel the Govt should tell us how/where/when we can play with these TOYS…

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Floyd Dameron (fdam*@*hoo.com)

Since getting a real pilots license is out of my reach, flying models is my only option. I have love airplanes most of my life and flying gives me an important outlet. It’s a passion

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Flying affords me a few moments of zen on the weekends, when I take the goggles off after 45 minutes of flying, it’s like I’ve just woken up from a long and restful nap. The

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Saphira Mongella (raff*@*ail.com)

Remote aircrafts are the only invention, offering the possibility to control a flying object. For some it is the only way to feel what it is like to control any aircraft, because manned aircraft is

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