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I will be unable to continue to fly if I comply with these regulations (if passed). With the knowledge and availibility of parts for scratch builds, no drone pilot would actually be limited by these

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Pedro (cace*@*ail.com)

Before I started flying fpv quadcopters, I had gone through a few hobbies, but never really found one that truly captivated me. I would spend a good amount of time getting into a hobby, just

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Doug (doug*@*ail.com)

The ability to fly has fascinated humankind since the beginning, but crewed flight has always been and continues to be prohibitively expensive for genuine technical reasons. Uncrewed (particularly FPV) aircraft allow ordinary people who cannot

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Travis M (mrte*@*ail.com)

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamt of flying. And when my father and I built our first gas-powered RC airplane years ago, it became one of my fondest memories. Since then, my fascination

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Terry Tesdall, Jr (terr*@*hoo.com)

I enjoy flying float planes off of our community dock. I have the approval of my HOA and follow FAA and AMA safety guidelines. It is a great form of relaxation and already an expensive

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William Hill (wchi*@*cox.net)

I’ve been a model builder all my life and now in my retirement the hobby has become more important. I’ve made many friends due to my club activities. Model aircraft building keeps me active mentally

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Tom (trve*@*aol.com)

A lot of my flying is in areas with no cell coverage. These areas are from from people and should not be a security or other concern. The new regulations should not apply in rural

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It is fun to fly around and if I can’t fly at my current location there is no fields near me to fly at. And people wouldn’t be able to build their own UAVs.

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Calvin Brooks (broo*@*hoo.com)

I’ve been enjoying the hobby, in all fix’ed wing applications since the 1950’s. I tend to build more than fly. I enjoy building kits and scratch building. All models I enjoy weigh less than 7

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Paul (zanf*@*ail.com)

I am a disabled Military Veteran and getting out and flying has been one of the most relaxing fun time I have had in long time. The scratch builds are a way for me to

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