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Oliver Parker (opar*@*ail.com)

I started flying radio control aircraft when I was only 12 years old. It was part of my overall passion for tinkering, building and creating. That passion has served me well as I am now

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Frequent Flier (dame*@*ail.com)

As an ex high-school athlete turned dad eventually the food and lazy days caught up to my waistline. Model aviation saved my life, getting me motivated to go out with my kids and explore new

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Curtis Wolfe (curt*@*hoo.com)

It is my release from stress, my hobby, my way of getting together with friends and my children. It’s safe, wholesome and a family friendly activity that my father shared with me while growing up

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Jason Canada (flym*@*ahoo.ca)

I fly rc airplanes simply as a hobby. I’m a huge aviation buff and love to build and fly aircraft that I’ve built from scratch or kits. Imposing restrictions and additional costs to an already

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Justin (down*@*ter.com)

To whom it may concern, I am an AMA member of 6 years, and the founder and Chapter Organizer for the MultiGP chapter Redding FPV. We are a group of local RC enthusiasts who design,

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Flying my drones is relaxing. I always fly at a local soccer field on weekdays when there is no one else around. Limiting areas to fly would limit how much I could fly due to

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I’ve been flying and building RC aircraft for 20+ years. It’s my passion, I look forward to it, and I hope to share it with my kids when they’re older. I’d be all for using

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I’ve expanded my horizons considerably through this hobby. Learning about all sorts of skills required to engage in it fully: from learning CAD, programming, electronics assembly, video editing, materials science, the list goes on and

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Derek Wright (dere*@*hoo.com)

I am a hobbyist and build and fly model multirotor aircraft. The main reason I enjoy this hobby is the process of scratch building the aircraft. This builds skills in electronics, mechanics and aviation. I

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Danny Burns (snpb*@*ail.com)

I’ve always been a tech guy, after getting into the fpv drone hobby, I’ve finally met others that get together and enjoy flying together. It’s my first hobby where I feel like I belong. Dont

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