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Dirk Van Zante (dvan*@*ail.com)

This activity has given me the freedom to experience piloting without the burden of having to have a real plane. I enjoy flying and recording my flights for others to enjoy and to experience the

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Chris Wellwood (cwel*@*ail.com)

I fly both commercially for surveying and environmental monitoring as well as recreational FPV. My commercial drones are absolutely amazing tools that allow me to collect survey data, remote sensing data, and conduct thermal wildlife

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Russell Pond (russ*@*ast.net)

RC Aircraft is my predominant hobby and the “drone” UAV does not interest me at all. My opinion is that they do require any skill and most anybody can fly many of them. The electronic

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Neil Bergstedt (neil*@*msn.com)

My son and I enjoy building model aircraft from scratch because of the affordability and fun factor. We can build all sorts of fun aircraft and give it a try outside. These additional government requirements

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Sir_Braap _a_lot (braa*@*ail.com)

Flying fpv multirotor aircraft to me is more than a hobby. It’s a freedom of expression, an art, through part 107 it’s an occupation, but most importantly it’s a lifestyle. A lot of us (more

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Rich Anderson (rcah*@*dee.net)

I’m a retiree and am fairly new to the hobby for recreation purposes. I like to challenge myself to learn new things, and becoming a hobby pilot has been beneficial to my quality of life.

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Sam Sorem (ssor*@*ail.com)

I think that model aviation enthusiasts have proven to be a pretty responsible group of people. I’ve been in the hobby since the 1970’s and I feel that this hobby incorporates science, creativity, problem solving,

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I am a recreational flyer that has always loved photography. No with the drones I can get completely new perspectives on some of the things I loved to photograph most. i would love to be

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Billy (weba*@*ail.com)

I’ve just entered the FPV community in the past year but have been in and out of the scale airplane community for the past several years. I love anything to do with flying mechanisms but

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Jacob Baron (jaco*@*ies.com)

I am both a recreational and part 107 pilot. I believe it regulation, education, and responsibility. However, I also believe in reasonable burdens on small-scale systems where additional hardware or site restrictions would affect everything

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