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Meral Harbes (mera*@*ail.com)

I’ve been flying FPV for a bit more than half a year now. I’ve learned to fly an aircraft via simulator first for months, then I started with tiny, light plastic quadrocopters (whoop) before I

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Rake Andy (andy*@*aol.com)

I am a retired airline pilot. As a kid I used to watch my dad build free flight models. This in turn led to me build and fly my own models. This was the start

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Peter Becker (beck*@*ail.com)

I teach youth RC Sailplanes for Competition…. that would be shot down. I teach team FAI FreeFlight … that could be shot down. I practice ALES and F5J… both would be non starters for Remote

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Jesse Moody (jess*@*ail.com)

RC flying with limited government oversight is very important to myself and many families/organizations/businesses around the US for the sake of personal enjoyment, educational development/inspiration, and economic growth. It has provided a fun, safe hobby

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I am the president of my school’s aviation club. I use my DIY foam board planes to teach club members how to fly RC. Our club has no funding, and I would not be able

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I have to drive out of town to fly. Even though I have about 40 acres filed across the street and several large parks available that I can’t fly in because of all the airports

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Ryan Hunt (m0t0*@*ail.com)

my dad started flying back before i was born, and helped us get into the hobby, and we have been enjoying it for our entire lives, and now it could be all gone for us

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I am a 16 year old who got into FPV because a teacher at the middle school I was going to showed it to me. since then I have not stopped flying. I have since

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MarkJason (mark*@*eco.com)

freedom of flying in the sky while my feet are safely on the ground is an invigorating feeling. i use flying fpv as a stress reliever and relaxation, my main occupation is nurse, and i

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Thomas Todro (ttod*@*hoo.com)

This hobby has provided a great family participation and learning all sorts of skills for me and my children. Everything from building, designing and problem solving. A lot of innovation goes into our models that

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I’ve been flying for 24 years and have now passed the love of aviation and model aircraft down to my kids through RC flight. There is absolutely no safety risk to full scale aircraft at

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