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Chris (chri*@*hoo.com)

A comment on the proposed limitation of FRIA approved flying sites. Eventually there will be too many pilots flying at the available FRIA sites as the RID rule comes into effect. Sites move for one

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Terry Martin (mart*@*ail.com)

My family consists of 5 generations of recreational fixed wing flyers. Now that I am retired my life revolves around my hobby and without it I would be lost. My earliest memories were helping my

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I have been flying RC for over 30 years. We have a private airstrip that my father taught me to fly in our back yard. We now have much larger gas and electric 3D aircraft

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Michael Dantonio (gsxr*@*cox.net)

I have enjoyed building and flying RC aircraft since 1981, the hobby has given me decades of enjoyment and built friendships. The hobby has helped me to better understand the effects of aerodynamics, weather and

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Scott McNickle (nels*@*ast.net)

I have been involved with model aviation for my whole life…from the age of five until the present. I started flying with my grandfather and father, and my daughter flew with me when she was

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I am a life long aviation enthusiast. I am an engineer with a career in aviation. I share my passion for aviation with my father and son. My 7 year old has been building foam

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Aaron M (aaro*@*rap.com)

Flying (FPV/acrobatic/freestyle/racing) brings me an escape from anxiety and encourages outdoor activity more, which particular matters during the fall and winter periods as i suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Flying brings friends and family together.

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Steve Campbell (letz*@*ail.com)

Its been 10 years of giving my teenage son and I a hobby we could enjoy together. Its not easy for a dad to find things to do together that a teenager would be interested

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Chad Piazzo (chad*@*hoo.com)

I’ve been building and flying model aircraft for 35 years and have never had any issues, especially the issues brought up by the FAA in the last couple years. It’s just another infringement on our

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Cyrus Phillips (barn*@*ing.com)

Flying has always been a part of my life – I went to flight school, majored in aviation technology, and learned to fly full size aircraft at age 17. I have a basement full of

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