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Calvin Mudgett (plan*@*uth.net)

I have been flying since the age of 12. My dad got me hooked and I have gone on to become a private pilot and a certified aircraft mechanic. Flying model airplanes is a way

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Adam Starr (asta*@*ves.com)

I originally purchased a drone to survey my land and assist in property marking and fence building, I have come to enjoy taking photos of landscape, sunsets, etc…… As a former LEO and Medic, I

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Love to fly as a hobby. Love the different perspective FPV gives. My concerns are with re regulations as they are written will Basically make it impossible to fly and a burden(cost prohibitive and location

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Steve Bass (stev*@*net.com)

I became unable to work full time several years ago because of my Multiple Sclerosis – it effects me to different levels each day, i can never be certain when and if i will be

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Ervin Liao (ervi*@*ail.com)

When I fly, I am in my own world. I feel like I am a bird or an acrobatic pilot without being in the dangers of a real airplane. Flying has also helped learn many

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Yusuf Pirgali (yusu*@*ali.com)

I have flown model aircraft for over 50 years, and no one has ever been killed by it in my clubs or associated members. However the proposed regulations make sense for those models that can

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Joseph Mckim (joem*@*ast.net)

I hurt my back and am currently disabled and dont get out alot to do things I used to enjoy in till I found fpv I’m so excited to build my own drone and actually

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Murray Wade (vise*@*ail.com)

I fly at a local schoolyard. I will never fly near people, animals and vehicles. I would be fine with using a phone app in order to declare my position and carry a printed flight

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Boogaloo 2020 (cant*@*ail.com)

I’m a third generation RC pilot and AMA memeber. Neither my father nor grandfather ever had any issue concerning their aircraft or hobby. This is just another government money grab to get their piece of

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