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I have been flying r/c for almost 20 years. No matter where i fly or what i’m flying, there has never been any issue in my hobby. There are always interested people and i love

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I am an amateur pilot flying at my club airfield which has its own code of conduct and safety regulations which meet the civil aviation requirements for this class of flight. Those of us who

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Andrew Pennycuick (andr*@*ail.com)

Radio controlled model flight has been traditionally an elite hobby restricted to well-funded enthusiasts who are prepared to pour thousands of dollars into their passtime. Recent developments have seen the cost and barriers to entry

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Ralph McBee (rem5*@*att.net)

As a divorced father I credit the RC Hobby for being the glue that kept my boys and I very close and active together from their grade school age through colledge. And now that they

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J. B. (fyre*@*hoo.com)

I have flown model aircraft (of all types) all my life with absolutely no safety issues. The key to all this is “common sense”, which seems to be in short supply these days. I totally

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I’ve always been interested with RC things that fly. I enjoy ripping motors and circuit boards out of hings and attaching to homemade airplanes and making it fly but I found Flite Tests channel on

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Stefan Mochnacki (stef*@*onto.ca)

I have been flying models for 57 years, R/C for 43, in New Zealand, Canada, United States and Poland. When young, aeromodelling taught me an enormous amount, it has been a competitive sport and now

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