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Flying matters to me because I use it a a creative outlet for myself by Designing and building myself and with my kids for them. It is our favorite family pastime and we live on

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Sourabh Singh (sour*@*ail.com)

Just reading a particular data is useless unless you try it yourself in the field. Flying and aeromodeling helps people like me to innovate and increase our performance and applying what ever we have learnt.

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Building and flying drones gives me a constructive thing to do with my time. It challenges me mentally with new concepts and physically with the controls. And it’s something I continuously enjoy learning about

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Warren Payne (snwp*@*ail.com)

I grew up flying U-control gas, rubber free flight, and hand throw gliders. I have a solo glider lic. and taught my son the joy of flying through RC models. He develpoed skills way beyond

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I am retired and enjoy r/c flying at the club field with members and families. Enjoy talking about building new planes and learning new skills. Just having fun

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Lipo Killa (pcru*@*ail.com)

Before I found out about FPV my hobby was bodybuilding but after being a victom of a car accident that led me to having a back surgery I could no longer work out, let alone

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Steve Gladden (stev*@*and.com)

Model aviation, Radio controlled flight is a very important part of my life my family, friends and associates. This is the primary fun and safe recreational activity in mine and many of our friends and

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Flying is a huge passion and this new regulating makes the already difficult hobby nearly unattainable. I nor anyone other hobbyist who I know is dangerous to full scale aircraft or people in general. The

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John Reeher (john*@*@me.com)

Flying has been a way to relax with something simple. It’s allowed me to bond with my step dad when we get together since we live in different states. It’s now becoming something that my

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Stu Olson (sols*@*oad.com)

I am retired and live on a fixed income. I have two large hayfields on my property and yes, I live in the country in northern Minnesota. I have no cell/data reception where I live

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