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Elad (wbee*@*ail.com)

I’m a family man and i build my own models at my little spare time that i have. I love to fly the models i build and i have one hour a week for that.

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Tracy (snob*@*ail.com)

I have enjoyed flying for over 30yrs. If I can’t enjoy one of my favorite hobbies why be a productive member of society. Why do we work? So we can live and enjoy the things

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Noah Schreiber (nsch*@*ail.com)

When I was in highschool I received a RXD-250 quadcopter to get into the hobby with along with a DX6e transmitter. I never got the quad working but I got the remote to work for

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This is a hobby that I have come to enjoy immensely. Since I was young I have loved building/creating things with my own hands. To see these things that I have built flying and to

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I’ve been flying model airplanes since the early 80’s. My father introduced me to control line. For me, R/C flying is a relaxing experience and but a thrill also. I have had the pleasure of

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J. H. (hobe*@*roup.cc)

As a former Civil Air Patrol (C A P) Public Affairs Officer, I witnessed first hand the positive affects of radio control (r c) model aircraft flying! Before our son was 12 years old, I

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In addition to being a recreational and Part 107 pilot I am also a manned pilot. Having sUAS gives me another opportunity to support myself and my family. It adds a high level of safety

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