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John Q (faaf*@*coy.com)

I fly a few packs every day that weather permits at our local city park 3 minutes from my house. There is almost always an empty field where I can sport fly safely. This is

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Ian Henehan (ian@*@*v8r.com)

Hello. I’ve been involved in model aviation since I was around six years old, about 45 years. My father got me started with a small hand-launch glider design, which he learned from his father. Both

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Ty Olive (oliv*@*hoo.com)

There are restrictions in place already. As With Gun regulations these types of laws really only effect those users who are willing to abide them. Any malicious activities will typically circumvent any restrictions in place

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Karl Dunn (rcfl*@*bal.net)

HI, my name is Karl Dunn. I’ve been flying rc aircraft now for over 15 years. When i was little my dad always took us to Travis AFB to watch the air show every year

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James Buzzeo (jimb*@*pts.com)

I’m a full scale pilot with Instrument, Multi, Commercial, ATP and Flight Engineer ratings.if my Father (and myself and both brothers) had been required to jump through these types of hoops when I learned to

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I’ve had the opportunity to fly remote airplanes and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience in the past. I’m at a point in my life where I’m not able to pursue this hobby right now, but

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MahDraw FPV (zyge*@*ail.com)

I have always been intrigued by model aviation and 6 years ago became an active member in “the hobby” threw building my personal craft it has connected me closer to my community and the model

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robin (robi*@*ail.com)

I am an amateur drone enthusiast, am just starting my career in professional drone photography. Adding more equiptment for me to spend my limited money on will hinder my career. In addition to this the

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I live in a rural area, city pop est 2500, county 10k max. Low rolling hills -southeast corner of the Ozarks. Wifi coverage is limited to residential areas only, and cell coverage is nonexistent in

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