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Richard Kensicki (rken*@*

This is a hobby that touches every aspect of creativity, innovation, education. Special interest companies are looking for transportation methods with little regard to the creators who got them to this point. They have a

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Scott Gomersall (scg5*@*

I’ve been flying for 12 years, in the time I no of no instances where anyone has been killed or injured, this is regulation searching for the cause. In that 12 years how many people

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My brother and I both love our aircraft, building, testing, and flying them out in the open. But we can’t afford to pay for an ID, and every time A plane might crash, it would

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Richard Ruth (rrut*@*

I love how r/c aviation teaches engineering, physics, math, and history all in one hobby. My 7 year old son loves the hobby with me, and loves building his own planes. He also loves how

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Claudio Mueckay (cmue*@*

My name is Claudio Mueckay, AMA member 1169390, FAA UA registration # FA3MLTHPFE I started flying RC airplane models in 2018 as a medical recommendation to reduce the level of stress. Since then it has

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Marc Ariss (mari*@*

My name is Marc R Ariss, I am a upstanding citizen with no criminal record or even a speeding ticket that has served my country with honor. I live with mental illness and find that

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Jason Rohrer (jaso*@*

As a homeschooling father, I fly small, safe, scratch-built and kit-built RC drones and fixed wing planes with my kids. We do this on a casual basis. We don’t have a lot of equipment, and

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Todd Allen (todd*@*

It’s been a hobby sense the late 1930’s and there has been no problems with hobby grade R/C aircraft, the problems are with the big companies that manufacture GPS controlled Drones and sell them to

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Thomas (thom*@*

It gives me a way to use my technical skills to make usable flying products that are very fun to build, fly and tune. I addition it will inspire young people to get started in

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