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Scott Gomersall (scg5*@*@me.com)

I’ve been flying for 12 years, in the time I no of no instances where anyone has been killed or injured, this is regulation searching for the cause. In that 12 years how many people

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My brother and I both love our aircraft, building, testing, and flying them out in the open. But we can’t afford to pay for an ID, and every time A plane might crash, it would

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Richard Ruth (rrut*@*res.net)

I love how r/c aviation teaches engineering, physics, math, and history all in one hobby. My 7 year old son loves the hobby with me, and loves building his own planes. He also loves how

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Claudio Mueckay (cmue*@*hoo.com)

My name is Claudio Mueckay, AMA member 1169390, FAA UA registration # FA3MLTHPFE I started flying RC airplane models in 2018 as a medical recommendation to reduce the level of stress. Since then it has

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Marc Ariss (mari*@*ail.com)

My name is Marc R Ariss, I am a upstanding citizen with no criminal record or even a speeding ticket that has served my country with honor. I live with mental illness and find that

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Jason Rohrer (jaso*@*mail.fm)

As a homeschooling father, I fly small, safe, scratch-built and kit-built RC drones and fixed wing planes with my kids. We do this on a casual basis. We don’t have a lot of equipment, and

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Todd Allen (todd*@*hoo.com)

It’s been a hobby sense the late 1930’s and there has been no problems with hobby grade R/C aircraft, the problems are with the big companies that manufacture GPS controlled Drones and sell them to

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Thomas (thom*@*elos.nl)

It gives me a way to use my technical skills to make usable flying products that are very fun to build, fly and tune. I addition it will inspire young people to get started in

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I am relatively new to the hobby, and I do not want to watch the hobby be crushed by regulation as I am learning it.

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Marty Booth (boot*@*ail.com)

Flying is a way to experiment and try new scratch builds of my own designs or others just to be able to get off work and have a nice relaxing flight to see beautiful sights

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Privacy issues. Cost as I am fixed income. I am retired from law enforcement after 40 years. I can’t see these regulation will improve safety. If safety is the issue then why are they allowing

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