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Jim Zabel (zabe*@*tel.net)

I have been a modeler since the age of 10 and actually became a commercial pilot and flight instructor due to my interest in model aviation as a youth. I continue to fly many types

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Donald McCorvey (dlm3*@*mac.com)

I’m a certified private pilot and a recreational (for the moment) fixed and rotary wing UAS pilot. I fly FPV exclusively. RemoteID is a solution in pursuit of a problem that for the most part

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Lowell (lowe*@*aol.com)

Flying has always been fun, relaxing and educational. I am very proud of what aviation and model aviation has done and what it continues to do for our country and our society. From the first

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Nicholas (n.re*@*ail.com)

It’s a way of life. I spend more time designing and building than I do flying, but these proposed restrictions would make it impossible for me to continue this hobby.

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Mike Kopf (kopf*@*bal.net)

I have been flying model airplanes since the mid 1970’s. The skills I learned from building and flying these models eventually led to a career in home building. The skills i gained learning to put

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Because it is a awesome hobby you can do with friends and have a lot of fun. Also you can make epic gopro shots.

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I am disabled. I cannot fly full sized aircraft. Flying hobby sized aircraft brings me enjoyed of almost the real thing. I have invested a lot of money into this hobby and do not wish

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Adam B (ajbe*@*ail.com)

I do a lot of personal hobby and academic work the the UAS field. This allowed me to a primary contributor in the field of UAS for the US government and academic institutions. I would

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Francis Jimenez (vape*@*mail.ch)

Flying makes me complete. I am a military veteran with PTSD and flying RC is the only thing that makes me truly happy. The RC community is one of the most beautiful and close knit

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Ben Selby (ben1*@*@me.com)

I’m 13 years old and love flying fpv Acro drones. I think fpv is important for education like programming using bl-heli Betaflight etc.. I don’t want laws to get in my way of this amazing

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