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Ray Staples (raym*@*

I started building RC airplanes shortly after high school but had to put it away due to life events. I picked the hobby up again 2 1/2 year ago after watching Flite Test videos. I

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Fred Provost (fred*@*

I acquired a love of aviation from my father. He worked with B-26 bombers in WWII and became a private pilot after the war. While he stopped flying when I was born due to expenses,

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Dale Hickl (4djh*@*

I have gotten a couple of my young nephews involved in model aircraft construction and flying. It’s awesome to see them engaged and learning skills that seem to be lost on current generation. Surely their

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Larry Delceg (larr*@*

When I was about 12 years old, my father taught me how to custom build model airplanes. He planted a seed that grew into a lifelong fascination with aviation. When my son was in his

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I began flying around the time my wife was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Since then the learning curve of teaching myself RC aerobatics and 3D has helped. A 6min flight every few days helps

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Paul (tomf*@*

I love to fly and plan on teaching many children how to do the same. It’s a great way to stay sane and sober and I sure hope no stupid FAA is going to ruin

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Model aviation is my biggest interest; it got me into full scale aviation. Restricting the ability to have a sense of adventure with model aircraft is like taking my childhood and throwing it right out

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Robrt Little (rjli*@*

I fly in Class G airspace far from airports so I can not see how I could be more safe with all the new regulations. Please exclude traditional model aviation from these proposed rules

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Jerry (whis*@*

I have been flying models for nearly sixty years and have never interfered with manned aircraft on damaged anyone’s property. (Other than my own models)

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Jon Ziegler (jonn*@*

I got into flying drones almost 6 years ago when I realized how much a drone would enhance my video hobby. Since then, I have earned my Part 107 and have been flying professionally .

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