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James R (moon*@*ail.com)

I began this hobby when i was a young teenager with radio controlled land vehicles and slow transitioned to all air type fleet. As the years and technology progressed i became more absorbed in this

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Martin Pryor (N604*@*ail.com)

I’m both a full scale private pilot and a radio controlled pilot for both quadcopters and airplanes/gliders. Flying both full scale and models can be relaxing, exhilarating, educational, and can bring families and strangers together.

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I started building models at 7 years old. Built my first free flight ant 10 years U control by 15. RC by 20. The hobby has allowed/ encouraged me to sucessfully pursue a Doctorate. I

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These requirements will prevent 90% of current flyers as they would not want to spend the time and money to come up to speed. RC as a basic everyday hobby would virtually disappear.

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Lucas Binder (luca*@*oud.com)

I am 17 years old and enjoy flying drones as a hobby and a way to experiment. I enjoy many STEM related activities and having a hobby that allows me to learn and build things

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James Keough (cool*@*aol.com)

The educational impact of flying/building model aircraft is huge. Countless aviators, astronauts, designers, engineers all got their start in their youth with model aviation. We should be ENcouraging this hobby, not trying to kill it.

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Raymond Kreisel (rayk*@*hoo.com)

I fly 5-inch multirotor quads. For me, FVP is a combination of learning about electronics, aviation, software, RC, and so much more. I am a Silicon Valley tech executive. One of the few times I

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I have finally found a hobby that stimulates the tinkerer in me with all the learning and satisfaction on solving problems and honing flying skills with friends

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Shootz Hard (caso*@*ail.com)

Flying is one of the few joys I have left in life. My physical condition doesn’t allow me to do the things I used to do. This gets me out of the house and going

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Kevin Jones (kevi*@*ail.com)

My experience as a young model aircraft enthusiasts motivated me to get a PhD in aerospace engineering and pursue a job designing drones for the DoD, where I have been for the last 26 years.

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ANDREW O’Neal (Wizz*@*hoo.com)

I’ve been flying RC for 20+ years and I’ve flown every type as well. There are already laws in place to punish those who act without reguard for saftey. We don’t need more unjust taxes

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