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Steve Andersen (sand*@*

I flew control line planes when in grade school and built many model planes. Then Life got in the way and I didn’t pick up the RC hobby until after I retired. The hours of

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Dan Ashenfelter (efly*@*

I have been flying something or other for nearly sixty years without a safety incident of any kind. Building and flying is a satisfying, challenging and gratifying experience. The NPRM would destroy the hobby and

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I began building and flying balsa wood model aircraft when when I was 10 years old. My father and I spent a lot of time working on model aircraft, and it inspired me to seek

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James Wakim (jswa*@*

I started flying just over a year ago and was sharing my successes and failures with my mom but about 6 months in she died unexpectedly. Since that time while I still fly for fun

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Fred Rasener (fras*@*

I have done modelairplanes since 8th grade in 1958. This is love/passion for me and many of my close friends who share my enthusiasm for aviation If not for model aircraft I would be limited

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James Hawkins (jimh*@*

This hobby has been the start of many pilots… some very famous and if you kill this hobby you kill the future for some young yet to be discovered pilot or astronaut ..

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Tim Kelley (avia*@*

I have been flying RC aircraft for over 20 years. I also received my Private Pilots Licence in 2008. Flying is my hobby, my passion. It is how I spend my spare time , it

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Dan Sponholz (dan.*@*

I started flying line control model airplanes with my father and two brothers in the early 1980’s. At that time, it was a hobby for all of us to enjoy together. We built our planes

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Arlen Jalbert (rcga*@*

I became enamored with the remote control hobby when I was just 8 yrs old. I started out with on track cars (hot wheels) at the age of 2. Then, electric AFX tracks at the

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Bill S (jwst*@*

I am a senior citizen who is planning to retire from the workforce during the year 2020. I am also a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and a member of a local

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Simeon Duniyak (sime*@*

I find flying extremely fun, extremely awesome, especially seeing the work that has been put into it in the air is a great feeling. Thanks to this hobby and the community I am extremely happy

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