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Don (sand*@*hoo.com)

Its my hobby, not just flying, but in designing and building. I would say that 75% of my time is dedicated to this hobby. If the new restriction create a financial burden by way of

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I am looking in to start flying FPV freestyle drones. This regulation would place another bar to entry and would significantly affect where and when i could fly. I believe this is too big of

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Paulo Rodrigues (corr*@*ail.com)

My professional carecer and sucesso had origins on my model planes experience, it All started there, when flying model air planes. Most of my friends came from sharing experience, discussing ideas over model airplanes

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Caleb (Cale*@*ail.com)

I love flying FPV I fly on my own private property or maybe in parks if the park is COMPLETLY empty. I love FPV as it is a fantastic way to have a fun time

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I have been flying since 1980. I am older and live on a fixed income. I live in a small town that does have an airport of sorts. I already cannot fly anything above 250

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my main social outlet and interest as a retired person. Would be a major impact on my life if unable to continue model aircraft flying and building. Their should be no regulation of line of

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I fly small electric scratch built planes with grand children In a country setting with nearest thing to hit at 1000 yards away. I don’t need an regulations because I am not bothering anyone. I

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I am retired from a high-intensity occupation (law enforcement) and the hobby helps me relax while maintaining dexterity and perception skills. It requires a reasonably high level of concentration and cognative skills which I believe

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My concern is that this regulations will kill anything and everything that flies and also will stop the progress and testing new technology/designs and ideas for flying either thats a plane or a helicopter. What

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Máté Titkos (titk*@*ail.com)

I love drone photography, it’s my passion, I always make sure to be the least annoyance to others when I fly, I never film people or house properties. If the FAA will restrict alot of

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