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Flying drones is extremely therapeutic and great for my wellbeing. The drone community, especially the FPV side, is very welcoming and helpful. We tend to look out for each other and help wherever possible. If

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Joe Engel (joee*@*use.net)

I have flown off and on since I was a young man. I built model planes as long as I can remember. If you implement this proposal you will destroy the “want” to get involved

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Jerome Chosa (jcho*@*ail.com)

Hello, I have been flying remote control air planes for nearly 8 years now. I’ve built nearly every plane I have with fan fold foam insulation. I’ve purchased plans from other remote plane pilots off

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Dave B. (slop*@*ast.net)

I started flying 6 years ago, and live in rural Pennsylvania. Model aviation has taken a wonderful significance in my life, and is very important to me. I wake each morning eager to get to

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I’ve have been flying full size aircraft for 20 years and model airplanes for 60 plus years. As a full size pilot and as a model airplane pilot I was taught that the safest way

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Building and flying my airplanes have been a great joy and relaxation for me now for 57 or so years. I’ve been involved in building, teaching, and flying RC airplanes since I was 10 years

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Jason Smith (crim*@*ail.com)

Upon first learning about FPV drones over 3 years ago I have never been happier or more fulfilled when it comes to a hobby or extracurricular activity. The pleasure and enjoyment that comes from planning,

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My main interest is in very low wing-loading thermal duration gliders (6′ span, ~20-30 oz.) flown mostly off farmland and parks (away from people and powered model aircraft, both of which are incompatible with launch

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Jared Smith (jare*@*ail.com)

These new regulations will destroy the future passions in one of the most important STEM groups this country has to offer. Flight was born here and its a disgrace that we are about to enact

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Russ Cooper (rcoo*@*msn.com)

Flying is my “drug of choice”. It is my relaxation, my education, my passion. Flying RC is something I started doing at the age of 8, I am now 62. With the proposed regulations, I

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