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Tristan Peters (dogb*@*

I am an RC Flight instructor for at-risk kids near Atlanta. This regulation would result in none of those kids being able to fly UAVs commerically because they wouldn’t be able to afford an UAV.

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Casey – (case*@*

It’s my hobby and escape as well as a way to continually learn and grow in knowledge and flight skill. These restrictions will not stop a hobbyist from flying. It will only encourage lawlessness. There

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Brian Finley (bria*@*

I have over 100 rc aircraft from tiny whoops to over 55 pound gassers.. ARFs to bind and fly to custom scratch built to helicopters.. I fly everything! I fly FPV, line of site at

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I am new to the hobby but I don’t really want to get involved because if the FAA puts the regulations in I will not be able to fly and wasted a ton of money.

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Benjamin Richards (0121*@*

I love this hobby, please dont outlaw it. It’s unfair and detrimental to the field that flight belongs exclusively to the rich. I have never seen a better hobby to teach people math science and

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Dustin Smith (dust*@*

I have been flying for apx 5 years now. It was a hobby that turned into a career. I work for frsky rc. We make the radio transmitters that many within the hobby use. The

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This is a wonderful hobby that has taught me a lot about software, flight, electronics, safety and even weather. I would not like to see it burdened with overly expensive equipment to track my recreational

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Robert Farabaugh (robe*@*

I am veteran that is also partially disabled though not from the service. When I found out that because of my disability I was going have to change my career. I became very depressed; and

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FPV ACE (mcla*@*

I recently began FPV flying and built my first FPV 5” quadcopter because I wanted to create cinematic FPV videos of many beautiful destinations I like to travel to so I may have another way

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