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Chris Fitzsimmons (chri*@*mac.com)

Flying is my hobby, my release from work and other stresses and my social group. The proposed restrictions will decimate my social interactions around this hobby and negate $1000s of dollars of personal investment in

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Parker R. (park*@*hoo.com)

I think this is way too much work even for the federal government. I much rather the FAA have focus on keeping air travel safe. Just because fully autonomous drones are being ready to launch,

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AL San (as35*@*hoo.com)

it’s a great hobby for both young & old. I have been flying for years. regulations kills the growth of the hobby, reserves the hobby to only a selected few.

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As a highschool student with a creative mind for STEM, I found fpv drones and planes as a medium for me to learn about what I love. I have learned so much from this hobby

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Einarr Freyvidr (knig*@*hoo.com)

I have loved flying since I was a very young child, but manned aircraft have never been financially viable, so radio control has fulfilled that role for me. I have always flown safely, and I

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Flying RC is a family activity with my son and I and many of our friends. We often do educational events. If we were required to adhere to these new rules we would no longer

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Nicholas Yacoviello (nich*@*ail.com)

I’m 22 years old. I’ve been flying fpv quadcopters for 3 years now and it’s been extremely rewarding and I am grateful to be apart of this community full of fantastic people. I started with

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Aaron Margeson (amar*@*ail.com)

Added interest in so many fields and technologies, including electronics, soldering, 3D printing, and more. It’s a rewarding hobby that is safe, and enjoyable for most ages, younger with supervision.

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Brandon Bentley (bran*@*hoo.com)

The low cost to enter into the hobby of RC flight is what gives ground-based RC Hobbyists the courage to learn how to fly. Costly entry to flying would have discouraged me, especially not knowing

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