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Walter Audley (walt*@*ail.com)

I have been RC modeller all my life, I enjoy this rewarding and informative hobby, also this hobby contributes in no small way to research and developments.All full size projects start off as models, please

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Bell (bell*@*ail.com)

Flying FPV is a hobby. As a police officer, I get stressed on the job very often. I want to enjoy my weekends and do things that I love to do and flying FPV drones

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jack sidebotham (jack*@*o.co.uk)

been a model pilot for over 50 years,never had any problems,l cannot afford full size aviation but modelling keeps me in touch with the full size world,it is a stimulating and absorbing hobby that causes

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David Marshall (davi*@*o.co.uk)

We got interested in the hobby because of multi rotors and now fly heli’s, fixed wings, electric and gas. My kids learned many skills, electronics, building, programming, mechanics, designing through this hobby. I learned many

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FreeFly FPV (fima*@*ils.com)

The biggest threat is ready to fly drones like DJI, piloted by complete amateurs and they should be equipped with some sort of remote id to prevent fly over resticted area like airports, national parks,

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Bevan Taka (beva*@*ail.com)

I have several concerns the main one being the effect this will have on education by discouraging young people who may have an interest in aviation. Second is pilot safety, having your exact location broadcast

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Ken Wang (khwa*@*asu.edu)

Flying FPV came to me during my darkest time when I was going through college apps in highschool. Sure it was hard to get into the hobby due to my limited budget, but I think

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ed cooties (usuk*@*ail.com)

question.. how many people are killed by models each year? cars kill how many a year? real planes kill how many to date? pilots go nuts and killed how many ? let that sink in

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