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Thomas (thom*@*ail.com)

Reason #1, It is big stress relief after a long difficult work week. I enjoy going to the field either a ama field or my local park. Just being able to go to a quite

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Larry Dakin (daki*@*ets.net)

I fly because I always wanted to, and now that I’m retired i have a safe and easy set of drones to play with. I tried gas planes as a kidwith string controls, they ened

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Billy Surgener (bill*@*ail.com)

It took me 49 years to be able to afford getting my first RC airplane, that was just over 1 year ago,my budget is very tight, having to add transponder or other items would expense

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Jeff (jgro*@*ail.com)

My Dad returned me to this hobby after leaving in the early 80s. My Dad got into this hobby in his 60s and used this as a way for the two of us to have

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Aaron Anderson (Shad*@*ail.com)

I like most others in the fpv community, I got hooked after watching a youtube video of a bunch of french guys in the woods pretending to pod race…seriously, and that was 6 years ago

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Wilson Revenaugh (wbre*@*ail.com)

I have flown full time professionally for 2 years, and flying recreationally with fpv etc. for 4. I have always abided by the seemingly sensible laws the faa already has in place. This new proposal

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It’s just a fun way to enjoy being outside and doing something that not everyone does. I am constantly getting people coming up to me and asking questions about the models I fly. Not because

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David Stone (davi*@*.com.au)

Too many kids are stuck behind a computer screen instead of engaging their mind and learning/building. It is the fascination with model aircraft and flight that taught me “I can do it myself”. It was

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Ben Winslow (benw*@*ail.com)

As a hobbyist, I’ve been flying for five years, beginning with kid’s toys (which could now be regulated to extinction along with the rest of the hobby) until I had enough practice-time and skill built

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