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Geoffrey Pruett (gpr4*@*aol.com)

Existing flying items already have Name, Phone number, and Email in the event of a unreachable (tree or bush) landing or being blown out of reach from weather. Most of my flying items are at

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Steve Goldstein (stev*@*cox.net)

Now in retirement I’m able to re-enjoy Radio Control flying I learned many years ago with my father in the infancy of the hobby. The technology currently is so safe, easy to learn, and reliable

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Peter Pritchard (pete*@*ast.net)

Built my first model airplane 72 years ago at age 7. Built and flew control line models with glow engines all through middle school and high school with my friends at high school field. I

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J Herrington (leeh*@*ail.com)

Model aircraft is a way for me to connect with my son. We build fixed wing and multi-rotor aircraft both above and below the 250gm limit. We own one sub 250gm commercially made quadcopter for

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Flying has been my hobby since I was 5 years old and I was inspired to continue flying and I enjoyed this since ever. I love photography and flying drones is a whole new level

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Pete Stein (pete*@*ail.com)

My children and I love to fly home made RC aircraft. It is a fun and educational pass time that doesn’t threaten the safety of others. Please do not take away my right to peruse

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David Fairchild (dave*@*ast.net)

As proposed, I would be completely grounded. I have a commercial pilot’s license with an instrument rating (not current) and have owned 5 (full-size) airplanes. I have built and flown RC model airplanes for 50

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I am an engineer with 24 yrs experience in system design, development and integration. 17 of these yrs being in the aerospace industry. I have also been exposed to manned and unmanned(RC) flight my entire

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